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Our Company

Sansone was founded in 1991 from the similarly-named company created By Benito Giannelli in the 1080s. With great passion, he was able to put his previous experience to good use. La Nuova Sansone produces containers made from stainless steel for the conservation of foodstuffs. The company is very active in the domestic market and is growing fast abroad. The product range consists of canisterss and barrels and other containers designed and projected to contain liquids, foodstuffs such as oil, wine, honey, and also, if needed, peas, beans, other legumes and pharmaceuticals. The material used for the production is stainless steel 18/10 – Aisi 304 (DIN1,4301) that guarantees the best results in terms of product life and hygiene. The quality system  SANSONE has been found to conform to quality system standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our Products

NSF Certification

NSF is the largest organization in the world in the field of testing and certification of products and materials intended for contact with food and drinking water.
The NSF trademark, synonymous with public health, is recognized worldwide for the high quality standards of the products it has approved, thus increasing the customers’ confidence when purchasing the product.
We are the ONLY ONES in the WORLD to have NSF certification on 75LT and 100LT Welded EUROPA Containers


Technology at the service of the tradition. Containers in 18/10 stainless steel food. Genuine products a high quality preservation for. (The Quality System of Sansone complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. As Nature creates, Sansone preserves.

Quality System

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Our Containers

Contenitore per olio e vino in acciaio inox ideale per la cucina

Kitchen Canisters

Contenitore Europa NSF per olio, vino e acqua

Welded Canisters Europa

contenitori miele in acciaio

Honey Canisters

Botte fondo conico finitura fiorettata

Welded barrels conical bottom

botti fondo piano finitura liscia

Welded flat-bottom containers smooth

botte fondo piano finitura fiorettata

Welded flat-bottom containers marbled

contenitore aggraffato senza predisposizione

Folded-seam barrels

contenitore carrellato alto in acciaio

Wheeled container

contenitore carrellato basso in acciaio

Wheeled container

Why La Nuova Sansone is the right choice?

Affordable Quality

Made with passion

Maxim Hygiene

Made in Italy

60 years Know-how

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